I have had a long career working with metals,composites and paint, but it all started with wood.  As a child my dad operated a construction business and I always had lots of wood around.  I built forts,  tree houses, bird house almost anything.  Later I made furniture for my home.  My woodturning started in high school shop class’s where the first thing I ever made was a large fruit bowl.  Unfortunately  all that wood was kiln dried boards and really did not lend itself to farther my artistic outlet.  A little less then ten years ago I discovered “green” wood.  I found the true inspiration for my artistic side. Wood with figure, color, burls, insect holes and decay.  The only way to release this beauty was to make objects off the lathe.  My passion was awakened.

For years I considered myself to kind of a wood purist, always looking for the best way to display what the wood had to offer.  More recently I have started to use color and texture on my pieces.  My latest pieces are a lol at humanity, the series is call ‘Black Box Series’ the first piece is titled Community. I am a member of the AAW and current president of my local woodturning club.  My main interest of turning is Bowl, Hollow Forms and Boxes.